An artist’s impression of the mayhem of quarks…

An artist’s impression of the mayhem of quarks and gluons inside the proton. Credits: CERN

The proton, a century on

A century after physicist Ernest Rutherford published work proving the existence of the proton, much remains to be learnt about this ubiquitous particle

A Close Look at Newborn Planets Reveals Hints …

A Close Look at Newborn Planets Reveals Hints of Infant Moons

Via Quanta Magazine

This is the first clear image of a planet caught in the act of formation. The star, PDS 70, is blacked out at the center of the image, while the planet, PDS 70b, is visible as a bright dot to its right. Astronomers just discovered a second newborn planet circling PDS 70.


ESO/A. Müller et al

Learn British English Free: drunk or high

Learn British English Free: drunk or high

Skeleton typogram

Skeleton typogram

By Aaron Kuehn

Oh, hi, didn’t see you there.

Oh, hi, didn’t see you there.

Excuse us while we get ready for a little summer vacation! See you again in the Fall!

From the TED-Ed Lesson Which sunscreen should you choose? – Mary Poffenroth with animation by Rob Kohr & Travis Spangler

What’s It Like When You Fall Into A Blac…

What’s It Like When You Fall Into A Black Hole?

From outside a black hole, all the infalling matter will emit light and always is visible, while nothing from behind the event horizon can get out. But if you were the one who fell into a black hole, what you’d see would be interesting and counterintuitive, and we know what it would actually look like.

Via Forbes – Ask Ethan

Gif info: General relativistic visualization of a supercomputer magneto-hydrodynamic simulation of a disk and jet around a black hole. The disk and jet were supercomputed by John Hawley at the University of Virginia. The general relativistic rendering was done with the Black Hole Flight Simulator.

Remembering Murray Gell-Mann (1929–2019), Inve…

Remembering Murray Gell-Mann (1929–2019), Inventor of Quarks—Stephen Wolfram Blog:

A nice weekend-reading. Murray Gell-Mann as seen by Stephen Wolfram (guest stars: Richard Feynman, George Zweig, Steve Jobs and S. Wolfram himself of course). A very interesting essay at several levels, much more than a typical obituary.

Male Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Male Angiostrongylus cantonensis

The horror!

How 3 animators interpreted the same Whitman p…



One of the most amazing things about poetry is its seemingly infinite capacity for interpretation. To illustrate that fact, TED-Ed launched a great poetic experiment. We gave one Walt Whitman poem to three of our in-house animators, and asked them to interpret it using three different styles of animation. They were each given a recording of the text to work from, which was supplied by three local poets who also interpreted the text using their voices. The result? A stunning video that breathes three very different lives into Walt Whitman’s timeless poem, “A Noiseless Patient Spider.” 


Interpretation #1 by Jeremiah Dickey

Medium: Paint on Glass


Interpretation #2 by Biljana Labovic

Medium: Video


Interpretation #3 by Lisa LaBracio

Medium: Scratchboard

Watch all of the interpretations here: A poetic experiment: Walt Whitman, interpreted by three animators – Justin Moore

Happy Birthday to Walt Whitman today!

Today, we celebrate Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday!
Happy birthday, Walt!!

Diploma Legal Notes

Diploma Legal Notes


  • Title text:

If you’re planning to challenge the royal family, you should probably wait 6-8 weeks, since a number of the younger ones have diplomas and Kate was actually on the varsity lightsaber team at St Andrews.

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