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Quantum Bullshit Detector, pretty much needed today I fear.

I use Torrent, thanks. 😎

Seen at Wired

Halloween is coming!

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Trust me, I’m an “IT guy”

This is bloody cool. For geeks only.

Scary and creepy math symbols with AMS-LaTeX integration:


This is lovely, goes retro to commemorate 30 years of the Web starting today

1 April

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I smiled at this piece:


30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web

(from CERN)

Please don’t confuse WWW with the Internet, they aren’t the same! Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf show this fairly eloquently:


Now you can name 5 Jupiter moons (from the dozen newly discovered) by tweeting your suggested moon name to @JupiterLunacy and including the hashtag #NameJupitersMoons between today and April 15, 2019.

Of course there are some rules, being the main one that Jupiter moons must be named after characters from Roman or Greek mythology who were either descendants or lovers of the god known as Jupiter (Roman) or Zeus (Greeks). More info in the Carnegie Institution for Science website:

We didn’t see this coming:

Worth reading.

Science is Beauty turned 9 today!

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T H A N K S ! ! !

Happy black friday guys!

Don’t spend too much, be responsible.

Image by Steve Cutts (high-res)