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Chris reads Phonemic Poem 6 on the /ʤ/ sound…

Chris reads Phonemic Poem 6 on the /ʤ/ sound.

The jury budged the jokey judge. 

Jolly Julie made us fudge. 

Jest and joke; jump to your ledge. 

Juicy dew drenches the hedge. 

Gentle legends due to age; 

dubious duties induce rage. 

Jumping genies jive unhinged. 

Duly produce this poem you’ve binged.

Phonemic Poem 2: /ɪ/ or /i:/Bold = /ɪ/Underlin…

Phonemic Poem 2:
/ɪ/ or /i:/

Bold = /ɪ/

Underlined = /i:/ (ee)

Bitch or beach? Hit or heat?

he likes is eating meat.

TV in bits – see or miss?

It’s not easy
saying these or this.

Six chicken pieces please.

Fill up, feel full with chips in cheese.

misty windows; seat, sit.

it with ease. In a bit!

Phonemic Poem 1: /ɑ:/Hat, hot, heart; the hurt…

Phonemic Poem 1:

hot, heart; the hurt has started.

yearn, yarn; the fear has parted.

Car can’t start. Glass on grass!

tort, tart; fast can pass.

or far; the past can’t last;

charm friends with this classy blast.

Happy birthday, Emily Dickinson!

Happy birthday, Emily Dickinson!

From the TED-Ed Lesson A brief history of melancholy – Courtney Stephens

Animation by Sharon Colman Graham